A Message from the CFO and CE Program Administrator

Valerie “Billie” Klayman, MA, LMFT

As most of you are aware, when the Board of Behavioral Science announced it no longer would be continue as a licensing body that issues and renews CE providers, CAMFT decided to step up. CAMFT then offered local chapters the opportunity to apply to become a provider under the CAMFT CEU Provider umbrella. I am pleased to announce that LA-CAMFT was approved to be a CAMFT Continuing Education provider. Our certificate from CAMFT reads, “The CEPA (Continuing Education Provider Approval) program is designed to assist Board of Behavioral Sciences’ licenses access quality continuing education that meets CAMFT standards and is in compliance with the California Code of Regulations Title 16 § et seq.”

What does this mean for our chapter? First and foremost, it means that we can continue to offer CEUs for our Networking Events and workshops! For those of you who attend our events that provide CEs you will notice our new provider number: 59450, and CAMFT as the Board-recognized approval agency. Also, you will notice on all of our marketing material we have included whom to contact regarding accommodations for special needs, our refund policy, and requirements for attendees who want a CE when it is being provided.

I want to take this opportunity to also give you a behind the scenes view of the process we navigated to make the transition being CE provider under the BBS license to our new status as a CAMFT CE provider.

In February of this year, we realized just how big a project the application process was going to be to become a CAMFT provider and that we had no time to waste as our BBS license was due to expire at the end of September. I agreed to take the lead in the application process and also agreed to be the CE Program Administrator for our chapter. I knew just how much was at stake for us and I saw this as an opportunity for me personally to step up and exercise the leadership skills which I have been developing ever since I joined the LACAMFT leadership team and have been honing as a regular participant at the leadership workshops. This experience has given me great practice in leading a collaborative process which has been invaluable for my own personal growth, including: engaging members of our Board to be part of the process, accepting critiques, discerning when to delegate and when to move forward on my own, and seeing how it really does “take a village.” I had a great deal of help from our President, Randi Gottlieb, and our SIG Chair, Daniel Factor. Members of the Executive Board were included during this process as I worked through the application, created samples for submission, and completed revising all of our marketing materials.

One final note, as the Program Administrator I manage grievances. You will notice our policy reads, ” Program Administrator will acknowledge grievance, investigate and remedy grievance.” This grievance process is one of the many aspects of the new CE protocol that I see as an improvement, one that allows LA-CAMFT to evolve as a CE provider to the LMFT, LPPC, and LCSW communities who work very hard to educate themselves in providing mental health to those in need. I hope you have a positive experience with this change in our Chapter and sincerely look forward to hearing from you.

Contact me at cfo@lacamft.org.