2015 Appreciation Dinner

November 9th was the LA-CAMFT Appreciation Dinner, sponsored by Brighter Vision web solutions, and Simple Practice software for therapists. We thank our sponsors with all our heart for the opportunity to provide this wonderful event to our LA-CAMFT volunteers.

The Appreciation Dinner is an annual event to celebrate all of the individuals who stand up to take on the dozens of tasks each year that run our programs, networking meetings, educational offerings, and all the infrastructure of support that sustains us throughout the year. This year we honored 78 of our members. That is an amazingly high percentage of our membership and a great commendation of our experience of village life; the shared sense of responsibility to care and nurture our common community.

From the beginning of the renewal of the Los Angeles Chapter of CAMFT those early supporters who created a new Board of Directors knew that the chapter would need to develop and sustain a large contingent of folks willing to chip in and do whatever needed to be done to keep growing, evolving and expanding. So each year we honor everyone who did their parts, large and small, that creates success year after year.

The Appreciation Dinner was the first at our new venue, the Olympic Collection, and it surpassed all our expectations. The food was delicious and the program devised by President Randi Gottlieb, Membership Chair Kane Phelps, Secretary Estelle Fisher and Networking Event Chair Darlene Basch, was exciting, fun and heart warming. We did a Dance of Appreciation showing our joy and gratitude followed by honoring each individual for all they had done for the chapter while we weaved string from person to person celebrating their contribution and physically demonstrating the collective network.

With the 78 who step up each year we thrive. With the 78 we create multiple opportunities for the gathering of knowledge, acknowledgment and nurturance. And the 78 feel the love and appreciation that flows from the hearts of all who step into our village.


Terry Arthur
Catherine Auman
Nicole Avery
Lynne Azpeitia
Gina Balit
Darlene Basch
Michelle Bee
Tracy Bevington
Lynne Biehl
Christina Bielfelt
Gary Brown
Julie Brown
Deanna Burcina
Lori Chaikin
Carole Chasin
Kimberly Clapp
Kathy Conaty
Danielle Cormier
Sylvia Cuella
Tony Davis
Rui Dolen
Stella Dunn
Alan Dybner
Sandra Espinoza
Daniel Factor
Estelle Fischer
Jonathan Flier
Judith Fraser
Natalie Goldberg
Victoria Goldfarb
Gina Gonzalezreyna
Amy Gottlieb
Randi Gottlieb
Ashley Graber
Cathy Graf
Maria Gray
Douglas Green
Virginia Green
Paul Gutrecht

Cynthia Hackaday
Michele Hahn
Krista Hawkins
Yisraela Hayman
Debra Faith House
Rena Jacobs
Carrie Jacoby
Jaelline Jaffe
Laurel Jones
Hilary Kern
Billie Klayman
Leah Krinsky
Gloria Lakin
Ossie Meir
John Mews
Cindy Michel
Pamela Payton
Kane Phelps
Katie Piceu
Richard Quaglino
Marylin Raffensperger
Paulette Rochelle-Levy
Goria Santos
Debra Schwartz
Roger Schwarz
Gayla Scoll
Fabiola Serrano
Mary Sevilla
Pam Sirota
Natalie St. Cyr
Liz Sterbenz
Jenny Bowen Storey
Marguerite Stouthamer
Steven Unruh
Yumi Vargas
Shayne Vitemb
Judith Weigle
Becky White
Curt Widhalm

Jonathan Flier
Past President, LA-CAMFT